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SSL Certificate Issuance Policy

At C&IT, facilitating secure and convenient web-based communications for our customers is a priority. We will gladly supply signed wayne.edu SSL certificates for campus departments who need to secure departmental web services. This service is exclusively offered by C&IT, and is subject to the following limitations:

1) The DNS name of the web service must end in "wayne.edu" 
2) The requesting party must be a full time WSU staff member or a faculty member 
3) The machine must be hosted within the WSU-owned or networks 
4) The certificate may not be re-used on any server(s) outside of WSU's network or any host that is not explicitly authorized by C&IT 
5) C&IT reserves the right to block network access to any machine that violates the trust of our customers 
6) C&IT reserves the right to revoke the certificate at any time 
7) The certificate will be issued only to the requesting party 
8) The requesting party may not share the certificate and/or keys with any other party 
9) Any exception to this policy must be explicitly approved by C&IT's Security department 
10) C&IT reserves the right to inspect and or audit the machine

To request a signed SSL certificate, please sign into Tech Solutions and perform the following steps:

  1. Open a new ticket and fill out the required information
  2. Select the tab Ticket Information at the left menu
  3. Under type of ticket select Service Request
  4. Under Category select Network Request
  5. Under Sub-Category select SSL Request (this will open a window named SSL CSRunderneath)
  6. Copy and paste the certificate signing request (CSR) you have generated previously into the SSL CSR window
  7. Assign the ticket to CIT - Information Security
  8. Submit the ticket by clicking Save
  9. The CIT - Information Security team will deliver the signed SSL certificate to you via email once it has been issued by the vendor