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Strategic Technology Action Plan

C&IT Strategic Technology Action Plan for 2013–2017

The Strategic Technology Action Plan was developed by C&IT management in Fall 2013 and approved by the IT Steering Committee in November 2013. To ensure broad stakeholder input, information was gathered in a variety of ways, including discussions with key campus leaders and a campus-wide technology survey.

Working within the framework of Wayne State University's current strategic plan, C&IT management developed a core list of emergent technology themes from which strategic technology goals were created. Within each goal, specific guidelines and subsidiary potential implementation activities were identified. Each implementation activity outlined in the plan includes performance goals. Implementation activities, though widely varied, have recurring themes:

  • The utilization of technology advisory groups.
  • Strong WSU partnerships.
  • The active promotion of technology features to achieve higher utilization.
  • The development of new advanced features that build next-generation capabilities on the strong foundation of enterprise systems.

As is evident, this IT plan included input and direction from virtually every level of the university. The IT strategic planning committee is indeed indebted to all those who contributed to the development of this forward-thinking action plan. It is this comprehensive set of perspectives that will help C&IT assist the university in moving forward to meet its envisioned goals.

Download a PDF of C&IT's Strategic Technology Action Plan.