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Performance Scorecard

The Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) Performance Scorecard presents measures of our performance level for key systems and services we provide the Wayne State University community. C&IT is continually gathering data about the key IT systems and services used by WSU students, faculty and staff. The charts below show C&IT's key performance indicators and the target goals we are striving to achieve. The data is refreshed around the 10 of each month.

We greatly appreciate your feedback on these measures, so feel free to share your feedback with Tom Duszynski at 313-577-5638 or tduszyn@wayne.edu.


Satisfaction scores

Annual IT Services Survey

During Feb.-March, 2016, C&IT conducted its annual survey on IT services at WSU for the 2015-16 academic year. This year we again employed the TechQual (www.techqual.org) survey instrument, which asks respondents to assess their perception of IT service quality in thirteen key areas, using a 1 to 9 scale.

Respondents were also asked to rate their Overall Satisfaction with IT Services at WSU. The chart below shows the Overall Satisfaction for all respondents, and according to their primary role.

Overall Satisfaction Rating in 2016

overall satisfaction

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Satisfaction with C&IT support services

An email survey is sent to every WSU student, faculty and staff member who uses C&IT support services during the month. Each rates his or her satisfaction level on a 1-5 scale for courtesy, technical skills, timeliness, quality and overall experience.

The Satisfaction Rating is the percentage of people who rated C&IT Support Services as either a 4 (satisfied) or a 5 (very satisfied).

Overall Satisfaction Rating

Target Satisfaction Rating

IT support satisfaction

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System performance scores

Availability of key WSU systems

The C&IT Service Assurance Team monitors the availability, or uptime, of key WSU systems by running test transactions during the system's scheduled hours of operation. A system is considered available if the test transaction completes within 30 seconds.

The four measures shown below are composite scores. Academic Systems includes Blackboard, STARS, Lecture Capture and Schedule of Classes; Administrative Systems includes the Banner Administrative System and Cognos-ODS (WSU's Administrative Reporting environment); Core Systems includes Academica, WSU E-mail, Listserv and Broadcast Messaging; and Network Services includes VPN and the wireless@wayne network.

Academic Systems

Administrative Systems

Core Systems

Network Services

overall availability

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Response Time of key WSU systems

The C&IT Service Assurance Team monitors the response time of key WSU systems by running test transactions whenever the system is scheduled to be available. Response time is how many seconds it takes to log in to the system, or to load the main page for systems that do not require logging in.

The measures shown are the monthly mean response times. These are composite scores using the same groupings and applications as indicated in the Availability section above.

Academic Systems
7.85 seconds

Administrative Systems
7.54 seconds

Core Systems
8.93 seconds

Network Services
6.23 seconds


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Usage Levels

View usage levels for C&IT systems and services.

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