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LISTSERV Discussion Lists


LISTSERV® is email list management software designed to facilitate email communication among a group of people who share a common interest. Messages sent to a list's address are distributed to all the list's members.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff

Key Features

  • Create, manage and control email discussion groups, communities, newsletters and announcement lists.
  • Set the list to be either public (open for anyone to join) or private (open only to specific group members).
  • Decide who may send a message to the list, all members or only designated persons.
  • Mailing lists may be virtually any size and can include members from around the world.
  • List archives: Fully displays HTML and multi-part messages and allows easy access to attachments.
  • RSS Support: List subscribers have the ability to view messages in an RSS Reader.
  • List Owner dashboard: Provides list owners with at-a-glance summary information about their lists, customizable reporting options and tools to accomplish many common tasks.


  • Any WSU person may join a public list.
  • Only authorized persons can subscribe to/join private lists.
  • WSU faculty and staff may establish a list provided that it's related to academic or administrative activities.
  • Student organizations may maintain a list if they have a faculty or staff sponsor included as a list owner.


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