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Domain Name Services


C&IT's Network Engineering & Security department provides Domain Name Services (DNS) to the Wayne State University campus. DNS allows online resources to be accessed via commonly used names, such as www.wayne.edu.

Available To

Faculty, Staff

Key Features

  • Assignment of static IP addresses
  • Assignment of hostnames
  • Management of domains


Naming guidelines:
  • Entries will be placed under the appropriate departmental sub-domain.
  • Top level names (i.e. admmissions.wayne.edu) will be assigned only after consultation with the Director of Network Engineering & Security.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to create names that are derogatory, contain offensive language or are misleading.
  • Requests for entries to point to external hosting services must be requested by a Dean, Director or other similar authority and will be reviewed by the Director of Network Engineering & Security.
  • We will not create or host DNS entries outside of the wayne.edu namespace. If you require a .com or other such name you will need to contract with an external hosting service.
  • We will not create DNS reverse entries for host names registered with third parties.
  • Entries for med.wayne.edu, eng.wayne.edu and cs.wayne.edu will be forwarded to the appropriate support persons within those areas.


No cost

Getting Started

  • Make requests for domain name additions, deletions and changes here.
  • Find more instructions and details here.

These requests will be acted on within one business day of receipt. Requests received on Friday will be completed by end of day Monday.

Getting Help

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